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Connecting Teams and Sponsors

Teams seeking a sponsor...
Email us and include your contact info and tell us about your team: including men's, women's or coed; level of play; tournaments - things a possible sponsor may want to know.  We'll include that info here for potential sponsors to see.
ALSO... check the other column for businesses seeking to sponsor a team. --->
(Please contact us when done, and we'll remove your team name from this list.)

Businesses looking to sponsor a team...
Looking for another way to promote your business?  Want to support the great sport of softball and the players out on the field?  Send us an email with your business or organization's contact info.  We'll post your info here, where team managers can browse and then contact you.

<--- ALSO... check the other column for teams in need of sponsors.
(Please contact us once you've connected with a team, so that we can remove you from this list.)

Teams Seeking a Sponsor

Bob Grackenmuellermeister

Men's team, mid-level, lots of tournaments

Phone: 999.999.9999

Gretchen Lakistamorphonica
Women's team, league nights only

Businesses looking to sponsor a team

Billy Bob Bjeckenhors

Billy Bob's Bar & Bath house

Phone: 999.888.9999